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In the face of invasion, one ship was deployed to make the push past the enemy barricade and be the hope to end it before it began.


Bararcadier is a simple yet insane, shoot-em-up, with a very far behind retro flavour and a minimalistic 2.5D presentation, with period accurate difficulty.

The game has support for dual widescreen, but will play just fine on a single screen.

Go against the flow

  • Try to hold your ground - Face the onslaught of foes with varying tactics that keep you on your toes
  • Dare to wield the sword - Collect powerups on your way to replenish a downed shield, or obtain a charge for your vicious Tension Beam, that does not know mercy (even for pickups!), can you endure the startup?

Be more than a conqueror

  • Aim for the top - Use controlled fire to increase your combo and gain a multiplier... if you dare to hold your ground!
  • Dare to win by losing all - Going full auto, or expending your Tension Beam will reset your combo, but could mean life!

Please read the install instructions at the download page for information about Dual monitor use.

And also, I put the link to the old and horrifically unfair prototype for anyone curious.

Install instructions

Extract the .7z and then Run the Bararcadier shortcut within. If the shortcut is non functional, navigate to ShootToGo>Binaries>Win32 inside the director, and run ShootToGo.exe

Hit Alt+Enter to enter fullscreen. The game will run normally in a single display setup in a cropped 32:9 format, or dual 16:9 Widescreen.

To run in dual Monitor mode, setup Surround Vision for Nvidia users, or Eyefinity for AMD users. Then run the game and Alt+Enter as normal.


Bararcadier.7z 52 MB
Shooting Game Prototype.7z 46 MB

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